Dark Star (full character description)

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Dark Star (full character description)

Post  Bloodino on Sat May 21, 2011 8:38 pm

(this is my first draw related to my character, its very simple and it had to be photoshopped a lot before i actually got to post it here........its far from being perfect and its mostly crap.....but this is the best i could do Neutral )

Name (translated to the human english language)
"Dark Star"

alien (Stars of Orion)

*not calculable* (in human\furry terms he can be considered as a 40 years old person)

more or less 78 inches (1.9812 meters)


*not defined*

Current occupation
Dark works for the F.E.I.S.A.R as a first class engineer and manager

Personal vehicle\Home
(given as a present to him for his work into the company)

his home is an orbital station built partially with materials from his crashed cargo ship and partially with the help of the company he works for. Its name is “Sunrise”.

Personality\Personal Bio
destructive, and most of the time disastrous (all related to him being a complete jackass and being used to live with a society of evil doers). sometimes overprotective and caring towards his own friends and sometimes incredibly clumsy and embarrassing whenever it tries to socialize with other people around him (being something completely new to him). his personality its my own personality in life. that includes that his mood and style might change pretty much everyday).

he has grown a true love for the culture of this planet, and tries to enjoy his new life as much as he can (abusing alcohol\drugs and frequently having parties into night clubs or his friends “houses”). hes not exactly a good fighter, in fact he has almost never got an interest in the wars and conflicts that his race had to go trough (whenever provoked he might still show a lot of aggression and eventually defend himself even in the worst of situations). in his home system he was a famous engineer and inventor...something that gave him quite a few problems in a population made 99% of warriors and criminals. he has a brother, called "Light Star" (he's rarely ever mentioned by Dark because of how much hes trying to repress the memory of him and the hatred they felt for one another......despite the fact that they were once great friends..) now his intentions are unknown to Dark, since he hasn't showed up from the moment Dark himself crash landed with his ship on the planet

since hes not a soldier, he carries a simple handgun (a model that he created for himself ripping off the design of the O.S.I Ar2 Pulse Rifle) that he actually loves and spends a lot of time modifying and upgrading with many of his "prototypes". he also has both an energy based shield (generated from his right arm) and his side arm blade (a medium\close ranged melee weapon which works more or less like a laser sword that is generated on his left arm). his body also allows him to quite literaly "upgrade" himself and install different "plugins" depending on the situation (much like a cyborg)

Dark Star was the second "prince" of his home world. born from the collision of a super nova with a black hole along with his brother, they both raised and lived together until their adult age, leading their population and considered almost as gods (since a prophecy related to their come into their own world and the fact that they would have lead their country to glory and prosperity). the "home world" they all live in is a gigantic colony station, stationary into the Orion constellation (from that the name of the race : "Stars of Orion"). this alien creatures have all a very "human like" intelligence and moral, yet the entire race is nothing but an extremely well organized and prepared army of warriors and sometimes even slavers\dictators (mostly in fact, the "S.Os" is primarily dedicated on conquering and controlling planets and resources around them and further). Tired of his brother being nothing but a ordinary engineer rather than a real commander and veteran, Light decided that it was time for Dark to participate into a “real mission” for his country. After refusing in-mission to participate into the execution of several thousands of innocents he was then arrested and tortured for 6 months, which then finally lead to his escape with one of his personal cargo ships. On the run he was shot down by one of the defence cannons of the station, almost killing him, but instead leaving him unconscious until he actually crashed into the planet. he is now believed dead
by his country, yet they are still searching for the corpse and the rests of his ship......

no more avaible

Dark's personal theme Very Happy (why do i even have one?)

Special attacks
Dark can now "over charge" his blade by using a side battery specificaly created by himself for that kind of purpose. the overcharge changes the color of the sword into bright orange and makes it a bit more longer than its standard form. due to the massive power of this attack and its energy usage, it can only be used once por roleplay and lasts for about 2 roleplay messages\attacks.
(the same thing applyes for his handgun, which can be overcharged in the same way and fire 2 extremely powerfull and devastating shots)

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