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White's character description

Post  Bloodino on Sun May 22, 2011 10:50 pm

**WARNING: biography has been included but needs to be yet improoved and a grammar check
Name(s): "White" (named like it by the people who found her)
“Number 98” (or simply “98”)
“Sleepy-Head” (an harsh and cruel nick used by the guards and scientists of the place she was created from)

Age: around 15\16 years old (in human age).

height: 95 cm's

Sex: female

Species: anthro' fox

since its young age and mental training its not really possible possible to know her sexual orientation. Altho she could still show signs of possible bisexuality due to her inexperience in terms of love relationships and feelings towards others.

very shy and usually is not a very social kind of person. She has some difficulties talking to people at times despite the fact that she seems to know the English\furry language and sometimes prefers to be left alone (she still likes to talk and live with people that she can trust and grows a strong affection to who or what she loves). she's tormented by hallucinations and dreams\nightmares about her past life and becomes extremely aggressive or depressed whenever she's reminded of any of them (Most of them happens in form of flashbacks). she also has a great acknowledge of any kind of fire guns, military tactics and fighting techniques (which is almost disturbing for a kid this young). And since she's still very young she might at times act in a very irresponsible or weird way towards situations that she cant really understand (and that is also partially since she still likes to live a lot inside her own imagination and “dream world”).

white and very pale fur. lightweight and tiny fragile body (has a sinister marker on her left arm near the shoulder. a black little rectangular shape with the number “98” wrote on it). Dark brown wide eyes and little wolf like ears which tends to become very sensitive at some moments. She usually dresses entirely casual, but whenever in mission she uses her own heavy armor vest which covers her entire body (it even has gloves). Most of the times she also wears baseball hats and has a little headset to keep herself in touch with the others at any moments (and to coordinate actions with her team mates), plus her own sunglasses (aviators).

Abilities: “veteran like” ability with anything involving warfare and a very strong intelligence . She's also unbelievably resistant to pain.

Likes: to be left alone when she feels like it (or spend time with her own friends or loved ones) and to keep a calm\happy behaviour. She also loves to enjoy life and drawing whenever bored. She also loves to use fire guns (of any kind and type)

Dislikes: her own fake and false “family” (its explained in the full bio. But its not the “B.H family” ofcourse). Her past memories and her nightmares. Being bothered by people that she doesnt trust and being scared\stressed or feeling paranoid.

Biography: “White” was part of a military research and experiment called “Exo” (w.i.p . dont be too harsh on my lack of creativity people >_>......ill think of something better...) which was creating young kids soldiers clonated and trained since their birth into a devastating military training trough virtual and real simulations (it was thought at first that little kids would have learned far more quickly and adapted to it almost instantaneously after their birth. The clones were also created to a starting age of 15 or 16 years old to allow them to use fireguns and military equipments without too many problems). Their bodies where also specifically modified with massive cyber-implants, allowing the scientists to transform them into death machines. The process was successful at first but then the trainings ended up shocking or\and sending insane most of the “prototypes”. So one of the scientists came up with a cruel and almost cynical way of not causing any post traumatic stress or shocks: letting the kids imagine of living into a world of fantasy without violence or corpses or anything that could traumatize them through brain stimulation and heavy drug use with an upgraded version of the cyber-implants (in White for example they are extended and control almost all of her body\mind and life functions) which also allowed the scientist's to take “full control” of any of the prototypes (as if they were combat drones, and in the end its what they were). The “brain washing” also included a much more friendly and soft training with the addiction of making the kids believe they were all part of a “family” and that they were loved by their own creators (while instead they were just using them as tools of death without any regards or morality). It was an huge success, so much that the entire project received full authorization for its implementation into real life battlefields.....and so the horror began.... at first the implementation of the “exo's” happened into small and almost unknown battlefields but then slowly took part into black ops and national security assignments (their presence was always kept as a secret to the public ofcourse). White, unlike all of the other clones, was born accidentaly with a much superior intelligence and skills that no other clone managed to acquire (probably just for a mistake in her creation process or a “gift from god”). This “gift” unfortunately wasn't too well accepted by the scientist's and guards, since not only it almost made impossible for them to control her body (her mind was far too strong) but it also would cause several conflicts with her implants, causing her to “wake up” from the “forced dream” and make her wander through the battle zones and the lines of fire in a complete state of mental and hallucinatory chaos (with the dream world inside her head going completely out of control or replacing completely the real world even when she was “awaken”). After many more of those “incidents”, the scientist's and the guards started to treat her differently from all of the other clones, beating her up and even ending up abusing\torturing her......Until a beautiful rainy day came, inside the mess hall of the clones the guards were about to beat her once again because she started playing with the food giggling in front of all the others. Her own little head couldn't take it anymore.....after the first slaps and punches something snaps into her once again, and after another wonderful dream later, almost the whole military and scientific personnel of the base (along with many of her “siblings”) is wiped about in an hell of bullet holes, slaughtered corpses and fire. After leaving behind her a mess of smoking ruins she walks to freedom, not knowing where to go or what to do but finds a little house.....up in the hills....

for now i have only made one draw (hand made\black and white) about her.....like last time with dark its not the best youll ever see in your whole life, but i always wanted to do it.

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