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Null's bio

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Null (Nova*)


its “body” normaly appears as a pitch black colored cube that reflects no lights and that is capable of floating trough mid air (altho it can also appear in the form of any organic or non-organic object that it can “emulate” and even turn into a semi-liquid form or shapeshift into other different geometric shapes depending on its mood. Usualy in those cases he's probably in a state of panic or madness). It sometimes (but rarely) appears as a white colored cube which rapresents its “previous” self*.

originally it was part of a distant ancient space race called (but wasn't one of their kind technically)

unknown (but originally he was created during the start of the NC civilization)

width\height (keep in mind that its a three dimentional cube)
4.7\4.7 inches

before its destruction, the “Navcon” homeworld. now lives in the “B.H home” with the rest of the group

known before with the name of “Nova” was the entity\a.i construct created to maintain order and balance (also had the tasks of administrating the law in the rare occasions, whenever it was necessary) for the already mentioned “Navcon's”, a very peaceful and non-belligerent yet extremely high-technological ancient race with large influence on mystical arts. It was a symbol of hope and prosperity, almost recognized and loved as a divine saviour. Developed with their most advanced knowledge and technical abilities, it was made sure that it would have never failed in his judgements (given the ability to think like one of them and feel emotions, not to mention have their same morality and understand fully their way of life). Unfortunately this “deus ex machina” was not developed to use violence nor do harm to any living creature (to the point in which it even believed that violence was not necessary to the function of life itsself but it was either just a simple “mistake” created in nature).....and when the moment to defend the planet from an outside invasion came noone could do nothing but stare at the horror....
Nova stood still, incapable of doing anything while watching in complete shock as a group of dirty, disgusting ogres-like creatures vandalized everything, killing everyone and brutally scavenged for whatever of useful they could have found, with absolutely no respect for them and total lack mercy. But that wasn't the worse Nova had to witness, for it was forced to watch as one of the female creatures (someone it was feeling great love for) began to get raped several times and then decapitated in front of him. Nova was then destroyed, left shattered in pieces on the floor, covered and in a pool of its own love's blood, in the silent and devastated ruin that was once his lovefull home...
suddenly, in the silence, something changed inside Nova.....he began to feel a completely new feeling that he never felt before
a feeling of nothingness.

Sometime later the tribe of ogres was celebrating their latest victory into their own little planet and city. everyone was soo happy of such easy and glorious victory that when they saw a little object falling from the sky they tough it was just a little comet coming towards them, for them a sign of wonders for the future....but they were wrong, they were horribly wrong...
leaving behind himself a bunch of meteors of planet floating in space after a violent genocide, all that was left of its sanity, reason and previous life slowly faded away. The feelings of hatred that he felt for all that was living started to grow soo strong that it began to attack other random planets, ships and entire regions of space. and in just three years 40% of the entire universe was exterminated in its wrath of blind pain, anger and desperation. Null (now no more its previous self) suffered soo much damage during all of that it broke into pieces once again and felt into a restless sleep of pain and suffering, left to slowly float in the endless space for the rest of eternity......until...

Personal Bio\Personality
it often appears as a mostly calm and (almost) polite creature. yet that can be deceiving, since its actually a very cruel and sadistic creature that constantly tries to repress its blind hatred and rage towards whoever it talks to or happens to interact with. It doesn't feel anything and feels no remorse for whatever it does and most of the time only seeks to obtain more power with any means necessary. it surprisingly shares a burning rivalry against Light's secretary, with which it constantly fights with in both verbally and physical terms with noone of the two actually never winning over each other (it is unknown of why the two seems to hate each other soo much). it usualy talks with the language of the group but its also well known to emit various sounds (some of which might resemble an 8-bit like tone or similarity) and it also like to “redecorate” whatever place it might like, to the point of even creating a small city entirely for ittself.


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