Akkadian empire

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Akkadian empire

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Akkadian Empire

A hidden empire that has been hiding from the universe for decades, once more awaken by their new leader , The Akkadian was once much larger, but never known to visit outside its planet, confined into the sand of setituan they were forced to devote they're society to psychical ability without the machinery to build weapons and vast houses.The empire was still somehow known to the others untill one day when they just vanished, and no contact could be made.
Mainly prone to melee weapons, they are known as some of the worlds strongest soldiers, able to run at fast speeds and lift nearly 5 times as much as an average soldier, this continuing when you reach the inatimus level

Basic soldier:Strong as a normal human and as fast, abnormal eye site and serated teeth. normal armor with a gasmask

Super soldier:5 times as strong as a normal human and able to runs at speed as fast as a deer serated teeth and a specialist in mutilating the human body with a metal armor that is binded to its skin having everything down to oxygen recycling and thrusters

Artecian: The gods of the empire, stronger and faster then 4 super soldiers, able to tear limbs from remains and create new soldiers its armor is its skin, manafested to almost as hard as steel itself with serated teeth residing inside its mouth

Basic soldier

Super soldier


Artecian battle mecha

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