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Golem bro :u

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Species: Golem




Personality: Hes calm and caring typically trying to solve his curiosity through inventions, but he harbors a lot of hidden traits deep within himself like a cannibalistic urge and blood-lust

Short bio:He grew up by himself in the wilderness, being a golem he could interact with humanity, but mugging travelers as they passed, that's how he was able to get his current clothing, but one day one human stayed with him, allowing him to become close, and teaching him engineering and teaching him about human ways, including English, behavior and wildlife soon as matvey felt adventurous he tried to explore from his humble cave, visiting an old torn out down and taking refuge in it, building small toys from its mechanical parts and gathering supplies then continuing to live there and try and relax without being the outcast of humanity

Appearance: A lot of his features are hidden beneath his hood and jeans and his leather gloves, which he likes to try and hide the fact his skin is entirely made of stone, having no facial aspects and yet able to speak and see, where his mouth is resides just a small line, and where his eyes should be just carved out sockets and when going into battle, he sheds off this hoodie and jeans and clothes and his stone skin turns completely to copper, his entire body turning to copper also, just like when hes stone his entire body is stone

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