Psycho's main charecter

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Psycho's main charecter

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Personality: He was calm and caring typically trying to solve his curiosity through inventions, but now he harbors a lot of hidden traits deep within himself like a cannibalistic urge and blood-lust

Short bio:At a young age he began to make various contraptions using his old toys, his first one being a remote control helicopter. a Little bit after his parents began to educate him on engineering, teaching him how to build elaborate weaponry and armor along with vehicles, around when he hit 15 he began to make schematics about when he hit 17 both his parents were murdered while he was out getting new supplies, finding his home in chaos and his parents dead with his little sister traumatized, his mind then snapped, setting his inner workings lose, turning into the cannibalistic psychiopath that lived within him, the only thing he protected and cared for being his sister, until he died, and he fully snapped, taking his engineering degree and making monsters, designing the "Tar" To which he used on himself, his muscles expanding to where it looked as if his skin would tear. He then established the Iron maiden, His own personalized zoo, where he took innocent people and mutated them into the creatures of nightmares turning himself into one also.

Appearance: Matvey is an average sized sleek figure in a black hoodie with oil stained jeans, he usually wears combat boots and has his favorite modified fingerless gloves (See weapons below for why its modified) his hair is a dirt rust color of red, along with a rusty looking goatee, he has a scar over his right eye but one of the many things he hides is his long tentacle like tongue, nearly a foot and a half in length, much like a reptiles.Grotesque muscles that seem to be nearly bursting from the skin and a collar that was jet black and covered in stitches, and silver eyes

Weapons:His pack (Aka toolkit, with a plasma welder, saws, bits, screw drivers, wrenches, some scrap and mechanical parts, just about anything needed to make a design.) His favorite fingerless gloves are modified with a rotating metal bit on the end of the gloves linked with nails, and a tube linking to the nails so that when he preforms a strike with his palm it acts like a nail-gun, the compression pack being somewhere hidden inside his hoodie. A chrome black cylinder that lengthens into a spear, the spears tips being serated to tear through flesh as it enters

Abilities: He has more superhuman strength and speed, and silver eyes, capable of seeing in the dark and feeling no pain, but besides this hes mutated himself to the point hes able to turn into one of his own mutants one of the dogs >Description of the dog< The dog is a large 400 pound bear sized dog with no skin, silver eyes and a long tendral like tongue,spikes lining its back and a tail made of human intestines with a blade at the end made of shoulder blades. It has two six inch saber like teeth on its top jaw.Being able to run at extreme speed and impale prey.

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