Matvey (mafia)

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Matvey (mafia)

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Personality:Calm and well tempered yet bearing a hidden personality that is fueled by bloodlust and cannibalism

Short bio: Growing up in the cities of russia, at a young age he watched his family be slowly killed by the russian mafia, driving him into a state of hate and dispair, from that day, he began to plot his revenge, eventually leading up to the day he kill the mafia leader himself,the mafia falling under chaos as he took control, dictating the entire mafia and killing anyone to apose him, his cannibalistic beliefs keeping the bodies well hidden with each murder soon after had taken control he met his girlfriend and soon to be wife, but this being taken from him as she was murdered by the leader of an opposite mafia, this forcing him farther into insanity the mafia at his command getting more fearful of their new leader, each one secretly being scared of the man as he would pass by each day.

Appearance:A tall dirty red haired man, bearing a red goatie in his casual suit and jeans, wearing combat boots to go with them, he has a scar over his right eye as his brown eyes his body is riddled with tattoos, one on his arm of a heart Engulfed in flames saying Sarah the others mostly being skulls or designs his neck has a collar of stitches

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