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Matvey (templar)

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Personality:Quiet and serious, willing to do anything to protect his friends and family or win the battle at hand Slightly cannibalistic also.

Short bio:Psycho had began life in a small midevil town in russia, to which he grew up wanting to be a paladin, taking this in hand his father helped him train from a small age, increasing his strength intelligence and speed as he grew, the ntaking him to a real trainer each day when he hit 10. He kept training, eventually making it to be a knight. He followed his orders and did anything he could to win the battles at hand,until he was sent to kill a village, he knew the innocents there and refused to do such a thing, being a paladin now he was known for doing the right thing, so he took it to heart and killed the other knights, being outcast and retreating to the woods

Appearance:A tall man with rust colored red hair and a goatee, covered in scars with an athletic build his eyes are a dark brown and hes slightly tanned, his arms are incased in various markings like devils traps and ruin inscriptions

In armor appearance: A broad shouldered figure in silver armor, a kite shield to one arm as a glistening broadsword resides in his other hand, labeled in various markings as his arms have small spikes in the armor, his helm having a light gold tent the shoulder plates bear small spikes as his elbow does the same, the knuckles having smooth blunt tips as his helmet hides almost all aspects of his face

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