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Matvey Space bio

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Name: Matvey.



Height: 7'7"

Weight:426 Pounds.

Personality: Calm and serious separated by a finely drawn line to hide his cannibalistic blood-lust

Bio: What he thought was growing up as a normal child was actually the sick twisted work of a scientist, everything in his life being a lie. At the age of 5 he began to be exposed to literary arts, and engineering, his parents forcing him to learn, nearly torturing him each day as he was pushed harder and harder to learn.That was until he reached the age of around 10, he started to notice he was bigger then the other kids, standing around 6 feet tall and about 250 pounds, He was a lot stronger than the other kids, usually bursting into rage easier then the others and hurting those around him, this pushed the small child into an anti social period. The situation at home being forced harder upon him to learn. Around 13 he began to snap, Starting to come to sense that he wasn't normal. Questioning his "Parents" for answers he finally got one, He was a test tube baby. Made to fight in wars, to go where others couldn't and never would, to explore what wasn't explored, and fight what others were to weak to fight. He halfway accepted this logic, using it to secretly hide and fuel his sadistic desires, making his own armor, The H.A.V.O.C prototype.

Appearance:His helmet was a silver encasing with a small opening over his right eye, a light red glow from within the hole, the titanium frame adjusting over his body and leading to jointed arms and legs, the legs and arms having a hollow ball and socket joint for optimal movement as they guided you to the titanium gloves, the knuckles brought to fine point as if meant to act like brass knuckles.There was also pad like groves on the knees and the upper arms, about like shoulder plates. Under this armor stood a Tall, Athletically built with a rust color red hair and goatee. Around his neck dangles silver dog-tags scripted with "Matvey 7233". But he would seem normal, untill he began to remove clothing, his body being riddled with large scars from the war, one covering his right eye. all carefully hidden under his jeans and Tee-shirt that he usually wore under his armor.

The armor: The armor, model H.A.V.O.C is a hazardous training model, made for deep subspace research and dangerous places, this armor is used for the people who dare to go where others won't.Equipped with an inside screen HUD linked to the one opening in the armor, the hud shows radiation and reading oxygen levels inside the suit, the armor itself being made of titanium, able to withstand most heat and foreign chemicals.The armor is also linked to him, a microchip in the frontal lobe of his brain binds the armor to him. giving a constant reading of his health and heart rate. he is able to handle large weaponry quiet easily along with hand to hand combat being a specialty. but this wasn't the best part of this suit, within the legs arms and back, were Small groves that rose and opened up to give way to thrusters, allowing deep sub space movement without the confinements of using a ship, the chest having several storage openings for ammo, grenades and occasionally gifts from home.

The man himself:The scientist at which made him decided to manufacture the perfect human, each one taking turn at altering his body, using new strands of modified DNA to alter the muscle tissue, designing new types that would constantly dissolve the lactic acid with oxygen and cause the muscle to grow rapidly, Along with a constant decaying cell, each bit slowly regenerating over time to keep the tissue from being to worn from his work as a soldier, but this was just the start, as he began to grow older they exposed him to literature, the fine arts, engineering and many other adverse topics in life. Making sure to keep him confined within those depths, to force him to learn, to engineer a genius, But they were cruel men, not only forcing his life to be one of war, but taking away his human instinct and replacing it, trying to give him the hunting instinct of animals, eventually tearing him away from reality as he killed in the war.

Weapons: Hes typically holding around 2 grenades within his armor, a gas and a frag, his weapons of choice being his standard sniper rifle, equipped with a full metal jacket round and the knife laying on the shoulder of his armor Aside from that he carries an LS85 assault rifle.

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