Psycho's (symbiote)

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Psycho's (symbiote)

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Personality: Hes calm and caring typically trying to solve his curiosity through inventions, but he harbors a lot of hidden traits deep within himself like a cannibalistic urge and blood-lust

Short bio:At a young age he began to make various contraptions using his old toys, his first one being a remote control helicopter. a Little bit after his parents began to educate him on engineering, teaching him how to build elaborate weaponry and armor along with vehicles, around when he hit 15 he began to make schematics about when he hit 17 both his parents were murdered while he was out getting new supplies, finding his home in chaos and his parents dead with his little sister traumatized, he vowed revenge, making weaponry and armor to seek out what he thought would be justice, now at about 20, he has completed his work, and gotten his revenge not a year earlier, taking care of his little sister and continuing his engineering carrier.That was until he was taken over by his symbiote, Arsenic and he was unable to revert back to his human self but he was able to regain his human conciouse when he accidently killed his sister in this body causing him to split momentarily from the symbiote, his personality gaining control but enforcing the bond so he keeps his human memories and his engineering interest

Appearance: Matvey is a tall broad shouldered figure, his face hidden behind his gas-mask and hoodie, wearing his favorite modified finger-less gloves and oil stained denim jeans with black combat boots, at one point Matvey looked like anyone else, having rust colored red hair and a goatee, but after his symbiote took over, his skin to develope red and his eyes became white, his skin seemed to reflect each toned muscle in his body, small red tentacles also (see picture without hoodie below) He hides all these features below his hoodie to keep from being isolated from society.

Weapons:His pack (Aka toolkit, with a plasma welder, saws, bits, screw drivers, wrenches, some scrap and mechanical parts, just about anything needed to make a design.) His favorite fingerless gloves are modified with a rotating metal bit on the end of the gloves linked with nails, and a tube linking to the nails so that when he preforms a strike with his palm it acts like a nail-gun, the compression pack being somewhere hidden inside his hoodie. a Colt.45 with hollow point rounds and two clips, and a combat knife and not to mention a black cable with a clip at the end he uses to grapple onto enemies or hang them. but these are just what he uses to keep from being known as a symbiote, his symbiote abilities and weapons being tentacles, increased strength, electricity, increased speed, and cooking


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