Garlank empire

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Garlank empire

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Garlank empire
The Garlank empire was found living within a black-hole for centuries, their ship being their home and their planet as they did, none of them have been seen without their armor, so facial recognision is unknown, they're ruler is the now known psycho, who Has never been seen without his black armor,

Normal soldier:Pretty much a human in armor, they have good accuracy and a high intelligence level, pretty much the pawns of the empire

Super soldier: Fast and intelligent, they're pretty much the knights of the empire, able to move in squads of 5 and use guns with extreme accuracy and swords with great ease

Shadow lurkers: Said to be born form the black-hole itself, they rely in the darkness and strike silently known to use mainly katanas and pistols they are the true "kings" of the empire.

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