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The Secretary

Post  Bloodino on Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:54 pm

[currently not available at the moment]

her real name is unknown, but she's known with the name of “The Secretary”

anthro furry fox

around her 30's

82 inches


bisexual (she likes to try "everything")

Current occupation
secretary working for Light, but occasionally she also his personal assassin.

lives with Light in the royal citadel, mostly travels with him too.

Personal Bio
she always tried to make something of her life since the beginning, ending up to become the secretary of one of the most important men of her own planet. to achieve such position she ofcourse crashed many rivals climbing till the top of the pyramid of power and ruined the lifes of countless (also did many “favours” for the “right” people), yet even when she finaly had won her position in the system and guaranteed herself a wondefull and rich life, she kept feeling as something was missing or that it had been repressed inside herself, something she couldn't understand. that all changed once Light came into her life.....
they were all into the same room, L was threatening the president to surrender to his forces and his secretary was just standing there, not moving or saying a thing and simply too scared to even think straight. but then, suddenly, everything became clear in her mind. she could remember perfectly all of the abuses that everyone had done to her body and all the sexual harassment that she kept getting from her own old and “slimy” boss, and the next moment she was on top of him on the floor, stabbing his head and chest repeatedly with a pen and screaming in anger. L was surprised by that unexpected “show” but also knew that he would have got his hands in something more precious than just resources. once she was done and took a deep breathe after walking back up, she made her way to the corridor leading to the presidential office, grabbing a shotgun out of the hands of a dead bodyguard and came to the lobby in which most of the employes and her friends were kept as hostages. L was following her quietly, watching whatever she was doing and trying not be noticed by her and still remembers to this day what he witnessed and how fun it was to watch her killing each one of them as they all desperately begged to be spared. when she came back to L after killing around 280 people, he simply greeted her with a “i could have a job for you my dear.....and im sure that you would love to have more freedom and power do you?.....soo what do you say?”
She smiled.

most of the time cold hearted, with a very strong and “dedicated to her work” attitude. she's now also cruel and extremely sadistic (gaining easily pleasure from other's suffering), and also tries to kill or cause pain whenever she gets the chance (and she's permitted to). she doesn't follow any morals and could do everything just to accomplish whatever goal is into her mind (or whatever she was assigned to do), and despite the fact that she has no real military training or experiences behind her back (nor powers of anykind) she remains extremely dangerous in combat (might even become suicidal and take it all with a smile, not carrying about her own pain or even her impending doom). she's not extraordinarily intelligent and she likes to live a rich and materialistic life sobbing and humiliating whoever is less important than her.

p.s: she also hates kids, a lot.

she carries with her a normal “spas 12” (unlike the weapons used by the people around her, the shotgun didn't suffer any real modification whatsoever and fires ordinary types of slugs diffused in her original home planet) whenever she's in a “mission” but she might end up using pretty much everything that happens to be in her hands.

(don't ask)

Personal theme (not sure)

Special attacks
[unavailable for the moment]

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