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Light's bio

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[currently not available]
(the look of Light's body is identical to Dark's one in terms of shape and colors, but the colors themselves are inverted, so the main body is white while the suit is black. the eyes\blood and anything projected from his body are all bright red)

Name (translated to the human english language)
"Light Star"

alien (Stars of Orion)

*not calculable* (in human\furry terms he can be considered as a 50 years old person. altho he mostly acts like hes 20)

more or less 78 inches (the same exact height of Dark)



*not defined*

Current occupation
tyrant and leader of his race (a conqueror whenever he pretends to be one)

Personal vehicle\Home
(i apologize for the very small size of the picture. couldn’t find nothing better for now)

Personality\Personal Bio
unlike Dark (known for being a complete jackass), his usual behaviour for every kind of situation is immature and non-caring, not to mention extremely pretentious. he has become extremely powerfull and rich trough out the many years he's been in change of the leadership of his race and hes well known for never accepting defeat (rather dying than letting whoever rival win over himself). both D and L were born in the same exact moment and shared most of their lives together as brothers until the “betrayal” of D's and his escape from the homeworld. he wants to personally terminate D's (to the point in which the hatred is slowly sending him insane) and finally wash away the humiliation he caused to all of his family and race, but yet wishes he could come back, still feeling love and worry for him.

Light own two revolvers (both of them of the same type and size). he's extremely affectionate to both to the point in which he almost finds an "attraction" to them. its unknown of why he has such feelings for those guns (some believe that there is a sad and tragic story behind them and some that one of the two revolvers originally belonged to his brother, but noone yet found any valid proofs, so for most part its just theories and urban legends). unlike dark's handgun this revolvers are much more simply designed, but the guns mounts energy clips that replaces the original drums. the pistols never run out of ammo but maintain and extremely quick and destructive fire rate and fire power (lethal to close distances), but they tend to overheat pretty quickly which forces Light to wait for a few moments for them to cool down after firing around 15\20 shots.
(there's a full list of pictures in the link. plus a little added description)

Light also has almost the same exact abilities as Dark (such as the arm laser sword and the possibility to upgrade his “system\core”. one of the only big differences is that everything that is “laser projected” from his body is red colored unlike being sky blue colored like in Dark's case), but he is much stronger and better prepared than him in combat, which makes him a very dangerous rival in a fight.

his secretary Twisted Evil

Light's personal theme

Special attacks

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