Artyoms medium transport

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Artyoms medium transport

Post  Artyom2033 on Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:55 pm

Carries several proton torpedoes as well as Diamond burrow missiles and 4 plasma nukes, heavy rail gun, dual plasma repeaters, and finally high energy ((red)) (plasma) beams; carrying a heavy plasma rail gun which can heavily damage shields and hulls of frigates lightly damaging capital/flag ships it can be fired once every 4 minutes due to cool down(The big gun below the cock pit) as well as medium dual plasma repeaters with light damage fast fire rate, accurate, and fast cool down which lasts a about 2 seconds after repeatedly firing(The two guns at the end beside the rail gun) and plasma nukes which severely devastate just about any ship if caught in the blast the downside is he must be far from the ship he uses it on or risk being caught in the blast it is mostly used on flagships so think of it as an anti-flag ship missile it may not destroy it with one plasma nuke but it will surely penetrate the shields and severely damage any section hit and completely obliterate any fighters and small frigates caught in the radius

The proton torpedoes are medium strength torpedoes that will destroy fighters (of course) and heavily damage light frigates but when used on bigger ships like capital/flag ships it will only do a light amount of damage such as destroying a turret or two maybe several depending on how tightly packed they are

The Diamond Burrow missiles are lock-on missiles used on mostly fighters or light frigates (imagine hell fire missles but futuristic)

High energy (plasma) beams have a high output of energy and long cooldown of 2 hours and a max use of 2 on max output which can slice through thick/large/huge meteors of rock,steel, ice etc. for mining or flying into astroid fields to annoy the hell and piss off people chasing him by making several hundred more meteors to worry about mostly used for mining purposes and rarely combat IF used for combat it has the capability to slice through enemy shields(Note that only these will go through not entirely destroy it imagine a shield passer just like missles) damaging the turrets(Which is what he will mostly use it on) so therefore he mostly uses it for mining or escape purposes in astroid fields.((Never uses it on high against enemy ships UNLESS SOMEONE RANDOMLY HAS A DEATH STAR xD))


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