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Stars of Orion

Post  Bloodino on Sat Jun 11, 2011 11:59 am

Stars of Orion V1.0

Their known to most of galaxies as the worst dead space “parasites” ever seen

in fact, as explained previously, the “S.O” is mainly a race of conquerors and warriors (but for most part tyrants or just pirates), living its life and continuing to exist by capturing new planets and looting all possible resources* they can find (including sometimes its populations). They also tend to like to make business with whatever opportunity they can put their hands on, always trying to get the most profit out of it (even ending up making new alliances* with other races, only to betray and assimilate\enslave\destroy them later on depending on the situation and other factors). Their forces count an huge army of “volunteers” (made up by mercenaries and sometimes veterans with nothing better to do on their hands), but their assault\mother ships and their equipment (weapons and other things) is for most part created by themselves or bought\stolen by “other sources”*. Altho this doesn't compromise their ability in combat, but actually makes them even stronger that they really are. They have fought in many conflicts and never surrendered, even in the worst and fatal cases of their history, always winning the battles and battlefields they had to face (and now to this day are feared and cause massive paranoia in almost every galaxy about their presence). Whenever the army in itself is not busy into another conflict, a good part of the population takes part in normal civilian roles (such as management or maintenance duty for their ships or their “home world”. Unfortunately its rare to find any specialized technician in their ranks, which is why most of the time they resort in the use of bots or even slaves).

Their origins, as well as practically anything else remains a mystery. The only thing known so far is that they have a leader, named “Light Star” (originally there was a second one too).....

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p.s: this is only the first version of the whole thing and may contain errors or inconsistances, please report to me any suggestions or stuff that needs to be fixed.

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