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Artyoms bio

Post  Artyom2033 on Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:08 am

Species:Bioengineered human
Personality: Silent (Find out on your own)
Short bio: His parents were killed when he was a young age
Appearance:Black Buzz cut,caucasian, athletic stature/build, Several black tatooed lines on his right wrist(Imagine like a bar-code) with XV21 below it.

Heavily armored

Ofcourse he cannot carry all these at once he always carrys his knife and particle blade for melee, and sonic pistol as a side arm

High quality blue bolted Plasma rifle

A high quality Laser rifle that launches Red Bolts powered by a red energy crystal (Like Tiberium)

high powered Concussion/sonic pistol (imagine Minority Report but more leathal instead of capture)

Lastly a high powered Particle blade used for up close distance encounters

Special knife with a steel knuckled grip

Abilities:High Strength, High Stamina, High perception and High agility.

Likes: Playing Guitar, relaxing, and other things

Additional Info:Part of the United Earth Federation (UEF) carrieing an advanced arsenal due to his branch and division he is part of.


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